10+ Free Responsive Landing Page Themes for WordPress

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As the name implies, Landing Page is a website page that is used to attract visitors to increase sales. Therefore, a landing page must be interesting. Luckily, making a good landing page is quite easy. Even today, there are already many landing pages that you can use without creating your own.

Wordpress landingpage themes
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However, is there a free landing page theme that can be used? Of course, there are In this article, we will review 10+ free WordPress landing page themes for your business website.


Best Free Landing Page theme

These are the 10+ best landing page themes that you can use for free.


1. Hestia

hestia landing page template
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Hestia is one of the best landing page themes. This theme has been used by more than 100,000 websites worldwide. That is, the quality has been recognized.

As a multipurpose theme, you can count on Hestia to create an effective landing page, regardless of business type. Ranging from culinary businesses, online shops, to digital businesses as freelancers.

In terms of features, Hestia is a very complete theme. This theme is equipped with Ready-Made Starter which allows you to choose the appearance that has been prepared according to the business being run. If you want to customize, you can use the Live Customizer feature. With these features, you can customize themes quickly and easily.

Not only that, in terms of performance, Hestia has been well optimized so that loading your landing page will not make visitors wait long.


2. Book Landing Page

book landing page landing page template
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As the name implies, Book Landing Page is a theme intended for business publishing websites, selling ebooks, and the like. By using this theme, you can work to increase sales of your ebook optimally.

At present, the number of Book Landing Page users reaches more than 1,000 people. This is certainly inseparable from the quality it has. This theme is always updated regularly and already supports the latest version of WordPress.

Book Landing pages are equipped with various important features such as mobile-responsive. That is, your landing page will look perfect when accessed via mobile.

Not only that, but this theme has also been SEO optimized. With this condition, it will be easier for your website to be in the top position of search results on Google.


3. Selling

selling landing page template
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Want to attract visitors with an elegant landing page? Using Selling as your theme is a wise decision.

Selling specifically created to create a landing page for your online store. On the main banner, you can put the best photos of products or promotions that are running. With the parallax effect, the appearance looks more professional.

To create an effective landing page, Selling places a Call-to-Action button strategically. This makes it very easy for visitors when they want to transact.

Not only that, but Selling also equips your landing page with a section to get visitor emails. So, if you want to get lots of leads from your visitors, you can count on this theme.


4. Superb Landing Page Lite

superb landing page lite landing page template
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Do you want a landing page that can load quickly but still look beautiful? Superb Landing Page Lite can be your choice.

This theme is claimed to get a 99% page speed score from the GTMetrix website speed check platform. With these results, we can be sure your landing page loading will be fast so that it increases conversion

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Superb Landing Page Lite is indeed a free theme. However, make no mistake. This theme comes with complete features and flexibility to do customizations optimally. Starting from the tagline, the logo to the navigation colors you can adjust to your business theme.

Most importantly, this theme has been optimized for SEO and adopted responsive design so that it will still look good on mobile.


5. West

west landing page template
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One more multipurpose landing page theme is included in our list. West is a theme that is suitable for business websites because it looks simple but elegant

Various important features are embedded in this theme. In the main section, there is a proportional header image that will help you display the best photos of your company or business. Thus, visitors who come will get a good impression of the business that you run.

Feel free to customize the theme as you wish. West comes with the ease of building attractive landing pages with customization of colors, fonts, header areas and more.

West has adopted responsive design so it will look perfect on a variety of mobile devices. Not only that, but this theme also supports cross-browser. So, it can be accessed from various types of browsers without obstacles.


6. Business Elite

business elite landing page template
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Business Elite is one of the themes on our list that also adopts the parallax effect. This feature allows a landing page to provide smooth transitions between parts of a page.

Is that all the hallmarks of this theme? Certainly not. Business Elite allows you to choose 6 layouts that have been prepared. However, you are still allowed to customize as needed.

Even though this theme is free, you will still get improvements on several important functions. If you need more complete support, you can upgrade to the premium version starting at $ 20.

Business Elite already supports the latest and optimized version of WordPress for SEO and social media.


7. OneSchool

one school landing page template
Image by google user content

From the name, you certainly can guess that the landing page theme was made for educational websites. So, for those of you who have a digital business in the form of online courses, this theme is worth trying.

The appearance of this theme is very simple. On the landing page’s main page, visitors can directly fill in their data if they are interested in joining the online course platform that you have.

If visitors need other information, there is a well-ordered menu at the top. You can place course menus, instructors, and other bidding programs so that visitors can get complete information.

However, because this theme is a one-page theme, each menu click will bring visitors to a certain section on the same page. Of course, it will make it easier for visitors than moving from one page to another page.

Do not forget, this theme has also been equipped with a contact form for visitors who do not want to join, but are willing to get news updates from you. A good opportunity to get leads, right?


8. OneEngine

one engine landing page template
Image by google user content

Unlike OneSchool, OneEngine is a theme that you can use for various types of business websites.

However, OneEngine also adopted the one-page concept. This kind of design approach makes it very easy for visitors to access information.

OneEngine comes with a slider feature in the main section. This allows you to display some of the best images that are of interest to visitors.

All sections on this theme page are well designed to run smoothly so that visitors can easily dig up information from your landing page. In the end, there is a contact form that is very important to get your visitor’s data.


9. Sneaky

sneaky landing page template
Image by google user content

Do you want to develop the restaurant business well? Sneaky could be one of the best landing page theme choices for your restaurant website.

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Whatever type of restaurant business you build, this theme deserves to be a choice to increase sales. Starting from the steakhouse, catering business, to restaurants with delivery services.

This theme is responsive. So, it will look attractive when accessed from a mobile device.

The minimalist design applied by Sneaky also gives its advantages. Your website becomes lightweight so that landing pages can be accessed quickly.

Sneaky is equipped with retina screen ready and cross-browser compatible features. Thus, visitors will get the best landing page display quality regardless of the device used for access.

Some of the featured features of this theme include: a daily deal module to present special daily offers, a food menu to showcase your restaurant’s various menus and a booking form that makes it easy for visitors to place a reservation at your restaurant.


10. Neve Travel Agency

neve travel landing page template
Image by google user content

As the name implies, Neve Travel Agency is a landing page theme specifically created for travel and tourism businesses.

Neve Travel Agency is an elegant one-page theme. It looks pretty good with a variety of animations that run smoothly.

The specialty of this theme is not only in terms of appearance. Neve Travel Agency is equipped with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) feature that will make websites appear faster on mobile devices.

Also, this theme is easy to use because it can work with various page builders without constraints.

One of the advantages of this theme is that it supports WooCommerce. As you know, WooCommerce is a useful WordPress plugin to support the success of your online business.


11. Screenr

screenr landing page template
Image by google user content

Screenr is a WordPress landing page theme that emphasizes a beautiful design. This theme is suitable for various types of businesses such as digital agencies, creative industries, to freelancers.

The features that Screenr has are also quite complete. In addition to the parallax effect that is an advantage, you can also use the Advanced Theme Customizer to make your landing page theme unique.

If your customers are from other countries, you don’t need to worry. Screenr already supports complete localization so that the use of language on your theme can be adjusted easily.

This theme is well optimized so that the theme page can load quickly. Also, Screenr is cross-browser compatible, making it easier for visitors to access your website.


12. Business World

business world landing page template
Image by google user content

Business World is a landing page theme that is suitable for various types of business websites. You can try this theme for free. However, the quality of this theme cannot be underestimated.

This theme has a variety of interactive features, ranging from sliders, image roll to attractive statistical displays.

If you intend to target mobile visitors, you don’t need to hesitate. The reason, this theme is mobile responsive. Not only that, Business World is a theme that is SEO Optimized and Social Media Friendly. For a landing page, the presence of this feature will certainly be able to attract the attention of visitors optimally.

Business World will always provide updates regarding bugs found. However, to get full support, you must upgrade to the premium version.


Tips for Choosing a Landing Page Theme

Choosing a landing page theme must be careful. Because an effective landing page will be able to increase sales. The landing page theme used must be able to meet several requirements, namely:


1. Choose a Theme with Fast Loading

Consumers don’t like to wait. Fact, it proves that 1 in 4 consumers immediately leave a website that doesn’t open in 4 seconds!

Therefore, choose a theme that is lightweight and can load fast. As interesting as the theme used, if it is slow, it will cause harm to your website. Every second of the delay will decrease the conversion rate to 7%.


2. Use a Mobile-Responsive Theme

At present, the majority of access to a website comes from mobile devices. So, choose a landing page theme that is mobile-responsive.

Thus, your website will be able to perform well on the mobile screen. Also, a responsive mobile theme will make it easier for visitors to access important menus.

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As a website owner, you will benefit if visitors more easily buy products or provide information data (leads).


3. Prioritize Customizable Themes

No matter how good the landing page theme you are using, if it cannot be customized, it will be less effective. The reason, customization allows your website to look unique.

Choose a free landing page theme that allows you to change the images and colors to suit your business. It would be better if you can change the theme’s font as well.


4. Customize Themes with Target Visitors

Each business has a different target customer. The theme for the landing page of the website must also be adjusted to the type of business you are running.

If your type of visitor needs an attractive display image such as fashion products, choose a theme that is friendly to the use of image media. Thus, you can showcase the benefits of your fashion products to convince consumers.

On the other hand, if your potential customers need complete information regarding features and specifications, use themes that provide sufficient text area. The goal, so you can provide important information needed by consumers before buying a product.

Foresight choosing a theme according to your target customers is the key to increasing sales for the products you offer.


5. Choose a Theme that is Suitable for All Browsers

Using a responsive mobile theme is not enough. You have to make sure the landing page theme that you are using is suitable for all browsers, whether on the desktop or the mobile.

If you find a theme that supports cross-browser, don’t hesitate to use it. Because the theme will be able to look and run well in various types of browsers used by visitors to your website.


6. Prioritize Themes That Provide Support Services

You might think that free themes won’t get support services. Some theme providers provide good support even with various restrictions.

Prioritize free themes that provide support. If you experience problems at the beginning of their use, you can quickly get a solution for handling them.


7. Use SEO-Friendly Themes

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an effort to make your website get a ranking for the search results. Thus, the possibility of getting visitors will be even greater.

Therefore, always use an SEO Friendly landing page theme. A theme is said SEO Friendly if in its manufacture using good coding. Also, the theme optimization is done by the developer so that it makes it light and fast.


8. Choose who has a good rating

Like the WordPress Theme Directory page, some free theme providers also provide ratings. This is to help consumers know which themes are good.

Always choose a theme that has a rating of 4 or more. The goal is to prevent you from using problematic themes.

Remember, landing pages are the spearhead of increasing sales of your product. If a problem occurs, it will adversely affect the progress of your business.



We just reviewed the best landing page theme. You can choose the theme that best suits your business. Surely all of the above themes you can try without spending a fee.

Creating an effective landing page is quite easy. However, you still need to pay attention to several main factors to be attractive to visitors. Also, your website landing page must be able to increase conversion rates or increase sales.

In this article, we also give some tips for choosing a good landing page theme. Some key points include choosing a theme with fast loading, is already mobile-friendly and optimized for SEO efforts.

Hopefully, the information we provide can be useful and your business can improve.

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