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You may believe the words of wisdom, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. However, if it has something to do with the company profile and business website, please remove that thought.

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As many as 75 percents of people assess the credibility of a company from the appearance of its website. This assessment was made very quickly. It only takes 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds) for visitors to determine whether they should explore the website or leave your website.

When the website display is a mess, 38 percent of visitors claim to immediately close the web that is being opened. Even worse, websites that display poorly will lose recommendations for opening. At least, that’s what 57 percent of respondents said from a survey.

Therefore, a professional website appearance is very important for a business. Such a display can be easily obtained. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to pay for a web designer. Especially if you are new to entering the business world and are not sure to invest a lot into the web display.

Instead, you can install the WordPress company profile theme. Without a penny, you can have a company profile web that looks elegant, professional, and convincing.

To save you time searching for WordPress company profile themes, we will recommend several themes that you can use. In addition to recommendations in general, we will also review the advantages and disadvantages of each theme.


Creating a Company Profile Website

Creating a company profile website is the same as creating a website as usual. Technically, you need a web hosting service and domain to be able to launch a website to the public.

There are so many choices to create a website platform. However, if you may give advice, choose the WordPress platform. This one platform gives you the flexibility to manage the appearance and features on the website.

Especially if you use WordPress hosting. This special service is made to make it easier for you to have a website in one click. Management is also equally easy. You can log in without a password, do clones, synchronize, auto / manual updates, and migrations are also in one click.

If the technical matters surrounding the website are finished. After that, don’t forget to equip your website with a strategic page. With a static page, you can display important information and high-converting content to the web.

Then there is also the landing page. The landing page will make it easier for you to convert visitors. This page is also very important if you advertise your website to search engines like Google.

All of these technical elements will be more complete when you also apply marketing strategies on the website. You are good at gathering storytelling for businesses that are convincing to prospective customers.


9 Free WordPress Themes for Company Profile

As promised at the outset, this section will cover various WordPress company profile themes. You can get all of the themes that we reviewed for free at the WordPress Theme Directory.

So that you get a complete insight, we will not only describe the appearance of the theme below. We will also peel strengths, weaknesses (if any), and assess what business sectors are suitable to use the theme.


1. Talon

template web company profile talon
Image by google user content

The combination of colors and whitespace that fits. That’s the first impression that represents this WordPress company profile theme.

The front view of this theme can be used to steal the attention of visitors. Whether in the form of a slider or a static image, you can showcase the best content that your company has. Also do not forget, you can add a Call to Action (CTA) button to direct visitors to the expected page or action.

The elegant appearance is not only in the header section of this theme. This theme makes it easy for you to display various specific content and info needed by your company profile. For example, there are many icon choices on this theme. This icon option can be used to install features or descriptions of the services you offer.

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Also, there is a progress bar that can be used to display the progress or percentage of a project in percent. Then, there is also a special section to display team profiles, customer testimonials, and product and project portfolios.

Excellent features:

  • There are header options in the form of sliders or static images.
  • Unlimited customization.
  • There are many choices of icons that can be used.
  • Live Customizer makes it easy for you to edit web appearance in real-time.
  • Widgetized footer makes your footer look neater and more organized.

Suitable for: consultants, web agencies, non-profit institutions, publishing companies, and other service-based companies.


2. Clarina

template web company profile clarina
Image by google user content

If you like the look of a one-page business, this theme can be a good option. This company profile website theme can show all the information about your business well. Detailed information will not appear too full or confusing.

The secret of this neat appearance is in the partition in each section. For each content that is displayed, there is a padding that you can set the size and color. You can put info about features and services with a white background. Then, put information about the testimonial with a shade of darker or lighter colors. This is what makes the content not appear full.

Another thing that is key to the appearance of this theme is the division of columns. You can easily combine columns on the same page. For example, you can load important content such as about or blog articles in one column. Then, load testimonials, features, and portfolios in three or more columns.

Excellent features:

  • Parallax effect for a neat and professional display transition.
  • A simple one-page business display.
  • Responsive display at various screen resolutions.


  • Lacking many default features offered.
  • Adding features is done by installing the plugin.

Suitable for: startups, agencies, corporations, design portfolios, and videography.


3. Zakra

template web company profile zakra
Image by google user content

The website may be seen aesthetically pleasing. But what’s the meaning of it all if the website is difficult to access and long loading? That’s why what appears in the human eye needs to be balanced with what appears on search engine crawlers.

If you have attention to these two aspects, it never hurts to choose this theme. This theme has been optimized to be in line with basic SEO principles. At least, he has optimized the use of title tags so that crawlers easily recognize the topic of the content that you create.

Also, this theme has been optimized for fast loading. Zakra’s development team always updates the theme code according to the latest developments. That way, the theme used will always be in optimal performance. This regular update also reduces the possibility of your website being considered dangerous – something that might affect web rankings in search engines.

Another thing that is laudable about this theme is the large selection of demos. If you are a typical person who does not want to bother, this feature saves you. Why is that? Because you just install the demo as you wish. Then replace the default content with the content that you have created. Instantly, you already have a web that looks convincing.

Excellent features:

  • Light, fast, and SEO-friendly.
  • There are 20+ demo options to install.
  • Compatible with page builder plugins.
  • Integrated with WooCommerce for online stores.
  • Customize the display through 7+ available area widgets.

Suitable for: consultants, law firms, construction companies, pharmaceutical companies, startups, and repair services.


4. Himalayas

template web company profile himalayas
Image by google user content

Himalayas is a one-page website based company profile theme. Similar to Clarina (a theme that was discussed earlier), you can show all the info about your business on one page.

The structure of the page in this theme is no different from the theme in general. As a one-page site, you can find the main menu, headers, portfolio section, CTA for web subscribe, team members, and contacts.

But it is the parallax effect that distinguishes the Himalayas from other themes. In each different info section, you can add transparent illustrations as background. When you scroll the page down, the visual background will also scroll. Then, you can see the whole picture.

This feature is very beneficial if you have a company that produces visual content. You can use your portfolio or illustrations to be used as background content. This way, you can show off your company’s character more elegantly.

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Excellent features:

  • Equipped with a one-page parallax.
  • There are seven widget options to complete web pages
  • Sticky header menu for a more pleasant user experience.
  • Integrated with WooCommerce.
  • It can be customized via CSS.

Suitable for: digital agencies, corporations, advertising and web agencies, advertising companies, and content-based businesses.


5. Business Hub

template web company profile businesshub
Image by google user content

Serious and professional appearance is sometimes needed by some businesses. Call it the fields such as finance (banks, insurance, and savings and loans), development (construction, construction consultants), to industry. If your business falls into this category, this theme will be very appropriate to be downloaded and installed.

The professional impression is very obvious on the front page. This is because the proportions between the main menu and the header are almost balanced. This kind of design gives the impression of a clear and firm partition in an institution. This design is very rarely found on creative company websites where the display tends to be unified and flexible.

Placement of contact information is also what distinguishes this WordPress company profile theme differently. Generally, contact is placed at the bottom. The Business Hub includes the location, telephone number, and email address of the upper right-hand side next to the logo.

URLs to important pages are placed at the top. The What’s New page, Contact Us, social media accounts, and the latest time notifications. All of these URLs will greatly facilitate visitors to access the most important information from your company.

Excellent features:

  • Customize the look centrally in Theme options.
  • Supported with Google fonts to give a different look on the web.
  • Responsive design at various screen resolutions.
  • Unlimited customization with a choice of custom headers, custom logos, and custom menus.
  • Supported by breadcrumbs element to show structured web structure.

Suitable for: insurance services, banks, consulting services, construction, textiles, printing, and IT.


6. Interior Lite

template web company profile interiorlite
Image by google user content

This theme is a WordPress company profile theme specifically for hospitality and furniture retailers.

With this chic, this theme can combine the impression of elegance, professionalism, as well as expensive. This is most likely due to the dominance of the black color on the web theme. Because of this color, visitors can shift the focus from web design to detailed product illustrations. Say, this is an easy way to lead visitors to the content you want.

Shades of all-black does not necessarily make the Interior Lite look boring. The number of default layouts of this theme is the answer. You can have one of four available layouts. Starting from the right sidebar, left sidebar, full width or no-side bar. All of which can be varied depending on how you want to display content.

Excellent features:

  • The color picker feature makes it easy for you to change colors according to the brand feel.
  • Integrated with various social media buttons.
  • Compatible with various gallery plugins, contact forms, and SEO.
  • There are many layouts and static page options.
  • Compatible with language transfer plugins.

Suitable for: hospitality, interior design, retail furniture, and property business.


7. Pinnacle

template web company profile pinnacle
Image by google user content

At first glance, you will agree that this theme is specifically designed for companies based on written and visual content. How come? From the header alone, you feel like you’re invited to browse the web with interesting content.

This front view is not the only feature. If you explore more deeply, Pinnacle is indeed equipped with many layout options to ensure your content can attract visitors.

There are at least three parts that are deliberately designed for company profile content. All three are portfolios, galleries, and blogs. These three parts are a bit similar. You can show visual content and text in several formats.

Some of these formats include sliders, two columns, lists, and so on. The right proportion of text coupled with a large image resolution ━ confirms that this theme is specifically made for travel agents, film production houses, and other visual-based companies.

Excellent features:

  • Transparent headers strengthen the slick impression between web design and content.
  • There is a choice of blog content layout in the grid or list format.
  • Integrated with WooCommerce for online store settings.
  • Compatible with 800+ typography of Google fonts.
  • Use the website design as you like by installing the demo importer.
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Suitable for: travel agents, film production houses, outdoor apparel, media agencies.


8. Airi

template web company profile airi
Image by google user content

If likened to a friend, this theme is an easy-going friend. How come? You can use this theme for every type of business you have.

Create a website for a restaurant? Can. Create a website for your band? Brave. Create a website for an online shop? Of course. Create a corporate website that looks very professional? Needless to say.

Airi can indeed be your good friend to create a company profile website that is classy, characterized, elegant, and very flexible.

Interestingly, you are not required to be a reliable graphic designer to realize all types of websites. You also don’t have to be a reliable programmer. Airi will help you make things happen with just a few clicks. Say thanks to the various demos that Airi has. You just need to import one of the demos, make a few adjustments to the Elementor, and your website can be live!

Not satisfied with the Airi demo? Want to realize the ideal corporate profile website image in your head? Don’t spend time searching for other themes that match your imagination. Airi is compatible with the Elementor plugin. With Elementor, you can design your website at will just by drag and drop.

Excellent features:

  • Compatible with Google fonts. You can adjust the appearance and character of branding through typography.
  • Translation ready. You can transfer web content automatically via the plugin.
  • Integrated with WooCommerce. Realize a multifunctional website in one click. With WooCommerce, you can have a company profile and online shop easily.
  • The latest updates from Airi come regularly. No need to worry about bugs. Also, do not be afraid to miss the latest features of Airi.

Suitable for: creative agency, logistics, startup, restaurant, beauty industry, music, and health.


9. Medzone

template web company profile medzone
Image by google user content

From the name alone, it’s clear that Medzone is intended for service companies in the field of health facilities. The display interface looks clean, modern and friendly. Even so, Medzone does not lose its professional impression. Likewise with a formal feel in the medical field that is very thick.

In addition to its classy appearance, Medzone also comes with several default plugins. The plugin in question is intended specifically to facilitate the relationship between patients and the medical team. Call it the appointment form. Through the appointment form, patients easily make reservations and even make consultation agreements with the medical team only through the website. With the same plugin, you can also inform visitors about the consultation schedule and doctor’s practice.

As with other web themes, you can also introduce doctors and health teams through special pages. Don’t forget the testimonials available. You can use this feature to promote your health services and build customer trust.

Excellent features:

  • Live WordPress Customizer makes design and customization easier and in real-time.
  • Compatible with WooCommerce for selling medical devices and drugs.
  • Retina ready makes every photo you upload look sharper.
  • With unlimited colors, you are free to pour creativity to match web appearance with a branding company.
  • Fast and light. The number of features does not make MedZone lose speed.

Suitable for: hospital websites, health startups, and health clinics.



That was a WordPress company profile theme recommendation. Hopefully, you can find a theme that suits your line of business and business branding.

Suppose you feel less satisfied with the existing theme. Quiet! There are still options to customize and design it however you want.

For that, you can install the page builder plugin on your WordPress website. With page builder, you can change the appearance of the web just by dragging and dropping the available elements. You don’t have to understand CSS, PHP or HTML to be able to design a professional-looking web.

If you may give advice. You better use Elementor’s page builder. Compared to other page builders on the market, Elementor promises a number of the most complete features for free. Although of course, the premium version of Elementor promises more professional features.

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