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When searching for a brand on Google, you might have found search results containing sitelinks like this:

Sitelink Google Ads

The search results above are called Google Sitelink. Sitelink has many benefits for your website’s SEO and can make your brand stand out more in search results than other results underneath.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss in full how to create a Google Sitelink for your website. For those of you who want to appear different in search results, read this article to the end.


What is Google Sitelink?

Google Sitelink is a sub-page below the first website that appears in search results. This sitelink usually contains links to the most popular pages on the website.

Google Sitelink usually appears when you search for keywords for a specific brand name, for example, Google Ads.

The number of Google Sitelinks that appears varies on each website. It can be two, four, six, or even eight sitelinks. The amount is entirely determined by Google, not the website owner.

Google Sitelink was chosen by Google’s algorithm to help users more easily enter various popular pages of a website without having to click a lot. But, Google might not display sitelinks if you have just created a website or your website is empty of visitors.

But don’t worry, we will provide several ways to get a sitelink for your website. But before that, we will explain in advance why Google Sitelink is important for your website.


Why is Google Sitelink Important?

google sitelink
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Google Sitelink is a dream for business owners and SEO experts because sitelink can make brands/companies more prominent in search results. Below we outline five reasons why Google Sitelink is important.


1. Can Increase CTR

Click-Through Rate (CTR) is the ratio of the number of clicks to the number of impressions. Generally, these clicks are sourced from organic search results. While the impression is the number of the appearance of your website pages in Google search results.

sitelink can take place equal to the top three search results in a search. Also, sitelink gives visitors a quick way to popular pages of your website and can encourage them to visit it.

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The more people who click on your website from the search results, the more consistent your ranking in the search and ultimately increase CTR.


2. Increase Trust and Credibility

As we mentioned earlier, not all websites get sitelinks in search results. The existence of a sitelink shows that the website is popular, well optimized, and Google considers that the existence of a sitelink is useful for visitors.

Google Sitelink takes up a lot of space on the screen. Either via computer or cellphone though. This shows that Google considers the top search results to be the best and most relevant compared to other search results.


3. Increase Product Awareness

Try to see the Google Ads sitelink in the search results. You will find links to various Google Ads products. This makes people immediately aware of their superior products and other features.

With the emergence of a variety of superior products in search results, Google Sitelink can help searchers to recognize products owned by Google Ads. This is very practical because searchers can know before they enter the website.

Just one click and visitors can know complete information about these Google Ads products. It is very easy and makes users more interested in visiting later.


4. Visitors Can Know the Most Popular Pages

Google Sitelink can also act as an “attraction” for websites that have a lot of content in them. Making it easier for users to find out which pages are most popular from your website among hundreds or even thousands of other content.

The most popular article can be an attraction for people who don’t know about Google Ads. Not only that, those who just want to enter the business world are also helped. Because they do not feel disturbed by the amount of existing content.


5. Make Visitors Can Explore the Website Deeper

For some websites, Google Sitelink also displays a search box. This search box allows users to search for something on the website directly from Google.

Google does not provide this feature to any website. Only websites with lots of content can get it. This is because Google considers this feature to help users see the amount of content on the website.

We will discuss more this search box below, including how to get it.


How to get Google Sitelink on your WordPress?

You really can’t control Google to provide sitelinks to your website. However, that does not mean you just stay quiet and submit everything to Google.

Below we will explain eight ways to increase your chances of getting Google Sitelink.


1. Create a Unique Website Name

Google Sitelink is displayed on searches with certain brand name keywords. Not all brands will get sitelinks, but only brands with unique names that are at the top of the list.

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For example, you have an online store with the name “Online Shoe Shop.” Brand names like that will have difficulty getting sitelinks. Because, the user’s search intent is not for brand names, but rather for online shoe store listings. Therefore, make sure you make a unique brand/website name.


2. Get the First Rank For Your Brand Name

As we said before, Google Sitelink is only given to brand names that are in the top ranks. So, try searching your brand name to be ranked first on Google.

Winning first place in search results takes time. But, with a little effort, you can just get there, namely by optimizing SEO.

We have written an article on how to optimize SEO here.


3. Use Structured SEO Data

Google crawls and indexes your website. It aims to look for structured data to better understand the website as a whole. Now, this structured data can increase your chances of getting Google Sitelink.

You can structure data by using SEO plugins, such as Yoast SEO or All in One SEO.

Once again we remind you that structured SEO data cannot guarantee that your blog/website will get sitelinks. However, this method can increase your chances of getting it. Therefore, try to continue to apply how to make sitelinks on this blog/website.


4. Ensure Website Structure and Navigation Clear

A clear structure and navigation not only benefits the visitor but also the website owner because it can increase their chances of getting sitelinks. Because Google can more easily do crawling and indexing so that users can easily find what they are looking for.

You can start doing this by tidying up the navigation menu and applying breadcrumb navigation on your website.

A neat navigation menu will be easily visible to visitors, so they are not confused about navigating on your website. While this breadcrumb navigation functions like the second navigation after the main menu. So visitors do not need to repeat from the beginning to find pages with the same topic on your website.

Then, make sure to also make important pages on your websites such as Contacts or About Us. After that, make these important pages interconnected with various other pages on your website.


5. Create an XML Sitemap and Enter the Website into Google Search Console

This XML sitemap makes it easy for Google to analyze all the pages on your website. So, with this XML sitemap, it is easier for Google to know which pages are important and useful to display on sitelinks.

Therefore, you need to create an XML sitemap and put it in Google Search Console.


6. Get into the habit of installing internal links

So that Google can know the most popular pages on your website, then link one page to another page in the same category.

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7. Improve the Title of Your Website Page

Make sure your page title is relevant to the keywords you want to get in the top position of Google search.

Google uses page titles to create sitelinks, so make sure the titles of your most important pages are relevant to the content of the page. Try to keep the title short and has a simple description.

Page titles that have nothing to do with the contents will make Google confused, so the ranking will be bad. If you have this, you can say goodbye to sitelink.


8. Try to Increase Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a familiar feeling that people have of a product or service. The more people are familiar with a brand, the more often they will search for the brand name on Google.

The more people who search for brand names on Google, the higher the chances of getting sitelinks.

Why did it happen? Because, if many searches about a brand, Google considers that sitelink can help their needs related to the brand. Needs such as making it easy to buy superior products or easily find the most popular articles.

How to increase brand awareness? There are many ways and we have fully discussed them in this article.


How to Add a Google Sitelink Search Box?

The Google Sitelink search box can be affected with JSON-LD. There are two ways to install JSON-LD, namely with Yoast SEO and the Sitelinks Search Box plugin.

If you use Yoast SEO, it will automatically add JSON-LD to your website. However, if you are not a Yoast SEO user, just activate the Sitelinks Search Box plugin which can also help add JSON-LD to your website.

We remind you that these two ways only affect Google’s decision. So when you add JSON-LD, sitelinks won’t appear immediately. The final decision remains absolutely at Google.



Getting a sitelink is absolutely Google’s decision. It’s up to Google wants to bring up the sitelink or not on a brand. But at least, in the ways above, you can do something. As can affect Google and make it easier for Google to read and analyze your website. So, in the end, it can increase the chance to get a sitelink.

The opportunity to get greater sitelinks later can also improve your organic search. Then, in the end, it can expand brand awareness, so that more people know about your brand/website.

Like other SEO tips, getting sitelinks can’t happen in an instant after you apply the methods above. Make sure your SEO is always optimized so that sitelink can be more easily obtained.

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